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Merit Shop Roundtable

The Merit Shop Roundtable (MSR) was a merit shop (non-union) building and

construction trade association. The MSR was comprised of individual trade

associations and contractors.

Mr. Doherty was hired by the MSR as Executive Director with the express

purpose of lobbying the Federal government to protect the apprenticeship

programs of its member trade associations. At that time the California

Department of Labor (CDOL) was engaged in decertifying all non-union

apprenticeship programs. Appeals to the CDOL, Legislature and the Governor

went unheard leaving the association with no choice but to seek federal

assistance. Authority to certify apprenticeship programs ultimately comes from

the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL can, if so persuaded, revoke that


The MSR hired Mr. Doherty to design and implement a federal advocacy plan

that would convince key members in Congress and the Bush Administration to

pressure Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, and Under Secretary Emily DeStover, to

revoke California’s apprenticeship authority and bring all apprenticeship

programs under the direct supervision of the DOL. Mr. Doherty, working with

Congressman Doug Ose (ret.) and members of Karl Rove’s office within the

Bush White House were able to convince Secretary Chao to reverse her position

on the matter and, for the first time in Department history, revoke a State’s

authority to administer apprenticeship programs.

During this period, Mr. Doherty organized two legislative conferences in

Washington, D.C. These conferences included guest speakers, members of

Congress, the Administration, and Chairman of the National Labor Relations

Board as well as meetings between MSR members and members of Congress,

from around the country, and key members of the Bush Administration.


Marina Park

The Marina Park project was a bay front community improvement project

undertaken by the City of Newport Beach. The City had acquired several pieces

of property, including a trailer park, all fronting the harbor. The plan called for an

extensive public park, sailing center, indoor pool, community center, renewed

beach front, and public parking. In order to move forward the City had to get

approvals from the California Coastal Commission and the State Lands


In order to redevelop the parcels, even for public use, the City needed to amend

its Coastal Development Plan (CDP) and then get that plan approved by the

California Coastal Commission. We were asked to assist in convincing key

Wildhorse Consulting Proposal

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commissioners to vote for the plan amendment. Utilizing our relationships with

Governor Brown, Speaker Perez, and Senate President Pro Temp Darryl

Steinberg, we convinced them of the value of the project and the need to

communicate their support to their appointees on the commission. The

commission overwhelmingly supported the CDP amendment.

The second hurdle was with the State Lands Commission (SLC), which was

claiming a more intrusive tidelands boundary than was realistic or acceptable to

the City. Again we were asked to assist by communicating directly with the State

Lands Commissioners and convincing them the staff report was erroneous. Our

strategy was to work directly with the chairman of the SLC, Lieutenant Governor

Gavin Newsome, and his Chief of Staff, Chris Garland. Our efforts culminated in

a meeting with the Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Garland, SLC Director Curtis

Fossum, Newport Beach City Attorney Leoni Mulvihill, Deputy City Manager

Dave Webb, Don Schmitz (land use planner for the project) and Mr. Doherty of

Wildhorse Consulting. The meeting was successful in achieving an agreement

between the SLC and the City on the true tidelands boundary and reasonable

cost and mitigation needed by the City to move forward with the project.

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The Dog and Cat Meat Consumption Ban of 2018

Wildhorse Consulting was brought in by the Animal Hope and Wellness

Foundation and the World Dog Alliance to take over the effort to pass HR1406,

the Dog and Cat Meat Consumption Ban Act of 2018. At the time Wildhorse

took the reins the bill had only 6 co-sponsors and was stalled in the House of

Representatives. In a short period of time Mr. Doherty had built a coalition of

over 245 Congressmen and had negotiated with then House Majority Leader

Kevin McCarthy to have the ban placed in to the House farm bill. Mr. Doherty

negotiated with Senator Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Committee on

Agriculture to have similar ban language placed into the Senate farm bill all but

guaranteeing the ban’s passage. During his work Mr. Doherty worked with

various representatives of the cattle, sheep and swine industry and various

Native-American tribes to assuage their concerns with the potential fall out of

the ban. On December 18 th , 2018 President Trump signed HR2 the farm bill into

law and with it the ban on the dog and cat meat trade in the United States. This

effort took less than two-years to accomplish. By comparison the ban on

consuming horse meat in the United States took over 15-years to succeed.


Malibu La Paz Ranch

La Paz Ranch is a 150,000 square foot commercial, retail and restaurant

develop in civic center of Malibu California. Wildhorse navigated project through

and achieved permits from, Malibu City Council, California Coastal Commission,

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, State Water Resource

Control Board (exempted La Paz from Malibu septic prohibition passed by

regional board).

The proposed wastewater management water reuse for toilet flushing and

landscape irrigation system will have No Discharge from the Wastewater System

for the La Paz Development. An effluent storage tank is provided for seasonal

periods when wastewater generation is greater than reuse requirements.