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President Trump Signing Bill Banning Dog Meat Trade


President Donald Trump signed into law HR2, the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. This included the nationwide ban on the slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats.  Wildhorse Consulting's senior partner, Sean Doherty, spearheaded the effort to ban the dog meat trade, creating history not only for Wildhorse Consulting, but the United States as well.  

Recent Accomplishments, Continued

HR 1406

Public Affairs News: After building a bipartisan coalition of over 245 US House of Representative members for HR 1406, The Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act, Wildhorse Consulting's senior partner, Sean Doherty, successfully negotiated the ban into the House and Senate farm bills. 

Central Valley California Fresh Water Act

Successfully negotiated 50 million dollars in state funding for a new water project in California's drought stricken Central Valley.

Manage Care Orginization Tax Reform Measure

Pursued and arranged a bipartisan compromise that saved California tax payers 100 million dollars and California hospitals over 50 million dollars in regressive state taxes.

Malibu La-Paz Ranch

The largest commercial and retail project proposed in the city of Malibu in over 30 years. Wildhorse Consulting successfully navigated the project through a variety of regulatory agencies including the onerous California Coastal Commission.